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We are committed to equal access for every student

While most school rowing programs are supported by hefty student dues, ETHS Rowing is committed to a dues-free program to ensure equal access for every student.


We are thankful that ETHS provides funding for coach stipends and transportation to practices, however it takes a lot more to get our kids on the water. Your donations support student athletes by covering regatta fees, equipment costs, and more which are not currently funded by the ETHS.

Ways to support us


By Credit Card

When donating via our ETHS Rowing Web Store, 100% of your donation funds directly into our Rowing Club.


Does your workplace offer a donation matching program?


By Check

100% of your donation funds directly into our Rowing Club

Make checks out to:

ETHS Athletics

Memo Line must say:

Rowing or ETHS Rowing

If mailing in checks, send to:

ETHS Athletic Department, 1600 Dodge Ave., Evanston, IL, 60201



Donor Advised Fund contributions can be made to:

ETHS District 202 Educational Foundation
Tax ID: 30-039

Donation Use line must say:

ETHS Rowing Team

Donations are 100% tax deductible. Donations sent directly to ETHS will not automatically generate a donation receipt, but one can be requested via the ETHS Business Office 

Why do we fundraise?

Here’s a look at some of the expenses we can cover, dues-free for our athletes, with your support:

  • Overnight Regattas: $15,000 (per season)

  • Day Regattas: $6,000 (per season)

  • Trailer to transport racing shells: $7,000 used, $15,000 new

  • 8-person rowing shell: $5,000+ used, $40,000 new

  • New sweep oar: $500 each, $4,000 total

  • Team meals and regatta food: $3,000 per season, $6,000 total

  • New Coxbox kits: $1,100 each

  • Gasoline for outboard motors: $500 per season, $1000 total

  • Uniforms: $135 each


Workplace Matching Donation Programs


Many workplaces offer matching programs for charitable donations. Therefore, if you or someone in your network were to give $100, by using a workplace matching program, that $100 donation has the potential to be doubled to $200 depending on the matching program. To find out if your workplace offers this program, contact your company HR or other administrators.

We need your help

The only way to make this possible for our kids is with your help. It takes all hands on to get our boats across the finish line! Thank you for your support!

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